The Story

The fun thing about crêpes is that they are difficult to mess up but also difficult to make perfect. I started making this version when I moved into this student apartment, and I am still learning new ways of perfecting the taste, shape, and texture. There are countless versions of this dish, but the recipe I use is from French chef Jacques Pépin, and is characterised by thin and light crêpes that are cooked on high heat.

When I make them, I put the butter directly into the batter instead of in the pan. This allows me to cook them more quickly and improves the texture. To make the perfect crêpes: Be patient, experiment, and get to know your stove and pan. And remember that even the worst ones are still really good!

Another thing I really like about crêpes is that I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like them, and that cooking them for someone is a great way of putting them in a good mood.

I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to cooking and I like to cook everything myself or let someone cook for me while I relax. This way, I get to plan the dish and make it exactly the way I want it. The best part of eating, however, can’t be done alone. When I’m eating, I love to see the reactions of others and the possible joy in their eyes when they like what they eat. Those moments are probably the biggest reason, I love cooking.

Recipe origin: France
  • Lunchbox friendly
  • Vegetarian