The Story

I’ve learnt this recipe from my mother. Sometimes she makes it for a typical Italian Sunday family lunch or special occasions. I like it because it is less common than the classic Lasagna alla Bolognese, it’s easier and faster to prepare, and is suitable for everyone since it’s vegetarian. Moreover, it is also cheaper. I also like how it looks, the bright green of the pesto and the fact that it fills your kitchen with an amazing smell. You can also make it more elaborate if you wish to add other ingredients.

I think that if you want to really understand a country and its culture, you have to immerse yourself in its cuisine. Cooking and eating with others is kind of the same thing: it’s the best way to deeply understand the people you are dining with. Food helps you feel comfortable and contribute to the feeling of home, wherever you are in the world.

Around a dining table, I’ve had the best conversations in my life and very memorable experiences. Moreover, cooking for someone else can sometimes be like writing a letter or expressing your feelings towards your guest.

I think cooking is a very relaxing activity and an easy way to express yourself. Pesto lasagna is no exception and an easy and affordable recipe to make.

Recipe origin: Italy
  • Lunchbox friendly
  • Can be frozen
  • Vegetarian