The Story

This is a vegan recipe of Hong Kong’s innovative dessert mango pomelo and sago sweet soup, invented by a famous Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. You will have a honeymoon feeling when you eat it because of the refreshing sweetness and bites of fresh fruit.

I have known this dessert since I was little. I love desserts, especially desserts from Hong Kong! Hongkongers like to eat a variety of western and eastern desserts. Hong Kong is truly a food paradise, where you can find food from all over the world! Even if there are many desserts that can only be found in Hong Kong.

I always order this dessert when having dinner with my parents in Hong Kong. It makes me feel like home when I make it in Sweden. The fact is this dessert was nowhere to be found when I first came to Sweden. Making your hometown dish can help you overcome homesickness in a foreign country.

So now I like to share this with my friends here in Stockholm so that they can taste a bit of a Hong Kong dessert. But I make a vegan version which makes this recipe an original. The ingredients can all be bought from the oriental markets and local supermarkets in Stockholm. I brought sustainable thinking into my recipe by using oat milk instead of regular milk. It can be brought to school but needs to be stored, at a max of + 8°C.

Recipe origin: Hong Kong
  • Vegetarian