The Story

I like to be creative and combine different recipes I find online. Shakshuka is really just a fancy middle-eastern omelette that is very popular in Israel. You can get it for breakfast in any half-decent café in Tel Aviv.

My family, in particular, is somewhat obsessed with eggs. They like them scrambled, as matzo brie and even over-cooked boiled eggs. When I’m at home, we have Shakshuka for Saturday breakfasts. So Shakshuka really symbolises those quiet, cosy weekends and spending time with my family. Traditionally, everyone in my family makes the classical Israeli Shakshuka which is reddish and based on tomato sauce. Since I am the rebellious child, I make this offbeat Green Shakshuka which replaces the tomatoes with spinach and mixes in some nice heavy cream.

As a dinner guest I like the feeling of being treated to a nice meal. And as a cook I like my guests to be well taken care of, to enjoy a nice meal and to be treated with good hospitality.

Recipe origin: Israel
  • Vegetarian