The Story

I love cooking because it is all about experimenting and creating. I often like to try new recipes and challenge myself. What I like the most is to share this excitement with others, either by cooking together and finding new food combinations or by sharing the meals and making someone’s day better by cooking for them. Homemade food always warms hearts and shows that you care about someone.

A recipe that I love and often make is chicken gyros. I am Greek, so obviously, I love gyros! When I came to Sweden, I was disappointed by the gyros here, so I tried to find the best chicken gyros recipe to satisfy my cravings. Nothing beats homemade gyros. After trying many recipes, I figured out a combination that was delicious. I like the homemade chicken gyros because you can either make it super healthy or more like street food. It is easy to make, and you can even have it with you in a lunch box the next day at school.

Recipe origin: Greece
  • Spicy
  • Can be frozen